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Cancellation Policy


All sales are final. No refunds, reissue to gift cards, or rescheduling is permitted unless TRIP PROTECTION is purchased AT THE TIME OF SALE.


Trip Protection must be purchased at the time of purchase. Trip Protection allows for cancellations, partial cancellations, or rescheduling (subject to availability) of tickets 60 minutes prior to departure time, for any reason. SSBP must be notified via email or phone at least 60 minutes prior to departure time of any change requests. Ticket-holders may opt to receive a gift card, a refund, or reschedule.

Refunds will reimburse for the full amount of each ticket, less the Trip Protection and processing fees.

Rescheduling to a less expensive cruise will generate a partial refund. Rescheduling to a more expensive cruise will require an upgrade fee.

Trip Protection is voided and no refunds will be issued if 1) guest(s) arrive and check into the cruise, or 2) guest(s) are no-shows without notifying us 60 minutes prior to departure time. Trip Protection does not apply due to not seeing a dolphin, but SSBP will issue Standby Tickets or a raincheck for the cruise in the rare instances that dolphins are not seen.


Activity may be canceled due to severe weather or minimum passenger count. In either scenario, you will be notified.

Activity usually runs in rain and moderate weather, but the seller may cancel the activity in the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions. If there is just a light rain, we are still able to run, subject to the captain’s discretion. If there is thunder or lightning, we will not run. If the captain makes the decision to cancel the cruise due to weather before the boat leaves the dock, we will notify all guests with reservations. Weather cancellations are made on a cruise by cruise basis, and may be determined close to cruise time, even up to the time of departure. However, we will make every effort to make a determination at least an hour before cruising. In the rare situation the seller must cancel the event prior to departure, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule tickets (subject to availability), receive a gift card, or receive a full refund. “Full refund” will include Trip Protection if it was purchased, but additional processing fees will not be refunded.

In the event of inclement weather after departing, a full refund will not be available after the boat departs the dock. Only rainchecks or standby tickets will be given. Standby tickets never expire. Standby tickets for canceled cruises will be automatically applied to your account and you can check in at either kiosk with your name or number and the date of your original cruise to redeem them.

If you do not see dolphins on a dolphin cruise you will be issued a raincheck or standby ticket.


In the event Standby Tickets are issued on a cruise for any reason, all Terms and Conditions for Standby Ticket holders apply and no refunds will be issued.

A standby ticket may be issued at the discretion of SSBP. It may be used for an equivalent or less expensive cruise; an upgrade fee is charged for a standby ticket booking a more expensive cruise.

At 5 minutes prior to departure, any passengers who have not checked in may have their tickets released to standby guests. SSBP will try to reach out to guests to determine if they are able to make the cruise before releasing tickets to standby passengers.


Gift cards issued by SSBP are governed by Florida Law. Gift card sales cannot be redeemed for cash unless required by law, and are final and non-refundable. Gift cards may only be used for making purchases of tickets for cruises offered by SSBP. Gift cards cannot be used for purchases onboard vessels including but not limited to food, beverage, alcohol, and merchandise. Gift cards do not expire, there is no inactivity fee, and additional funds cannot be added. An initial transaction fee of 6% will be applied at the time of purchase. No fees are charged when the gift card is redeemed. Special gift card promotional offers are only valid for new purchases made during advertised valid dates and will not be applied to any rebookings. Special gift card promotional offers may include but are not limited to a percentage or dollar discount applied to the total purchase price. SSBP reserves the right to modify or cancel special gift card promotional offers at any time.