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Pirate Themed Party Tips

Pirate Party IdeasAhoy ye mateys! X marks the spot for a swashbuckling good time for young scallywags. If someone in your family wants a pirate themed party, there are a number of ways to throw a pirate inspired bash- regardless of how many gold doubloons you have to spend.

Invitations, whether by email, text, social media or good old fashioned snail mail (or carrier pigeon if you’re really into the pirate theme), set the tone for your party. There are a number of fun, free online invite services, but you can definitely make a statement with  treasure map themed invitation. You can draw one yourself, or download some clip art from the internet. If you’re feeling really crafty, you can create a message in a bottle or miniature treasure chests for invitations. All the information can be tucked inside on a “scroll”.



a statue of a man and a woman standing on a sidewalk

Pirate decorations run the gamut from Jake and The Neverland Pirates to the more adult Pirates of the Caribbean themes. Think about setting the tone of the party by creating a plank with some wood at the entrance of the party. Be sure to decorate the venue with Jolly Rogers and other pirate themed flags or banners. Instead of flowers, consider using treasure chests for centerpieces and accents. These can be purchased at most craft stores in a variety of sizes. Fill with “jewels”, coins, beads and other “treasures”. You can also use chests as serving dishes or containers for chips, candy, or holders for plates and silver ware. Miniature chests filled with candy or chocolate coins, or little bottles of rum  can be used as place settings or as party favors.

Pirates of all ages will enjoy a treasure hunt. Create a scavenger hunt type activity and send the little buccaneers off to find buried treasure. For adults, you could make this a city or neighborhood wide adventure, and little pirates can search the backyard, playground or park.  Everyone likes a costume party, so consider asking guests to come in costume or provide some photo booth style props, like hooks, eye patches, puffy shirts, pirate hats, and tattoos.


Sword fighting onboard the buccaneer

Pirates at sea may not have eaten well, but that doesn’t mean your guests won’t feast! For kids, replace the labels on bottles of water, sodas or juice boxes with the skull and crossbones, or consider making a “grog” from lemonade and lemon-lime soda or ginger ale. Grown-ups will enjoy a rum punch or some ale! Goldfish crackers, gummy fish, and watermelon boats of fruit salad are perfect for a pirate party.  Looking for heartier fare? Shrimp boils, crab feasts, and fish fries are all popular pirate themed main dishes. Don’t forget the pirate themed cake, treasure maps, boats, and skulls and crossbones are popular options.